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Priyank Rathod

How to measure the thresold and leakage current for MOSFET

    Hello there, 

Is there any guide or manual which we can refer to get the values for the threshold, as it is a very specific towards the technology it would be helpful to provide a threshold values for the specific technology.

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    Izhar Hussain

    From nanohub docs, take Thresold voltage as the  value of Vgs at 5 micron of drain current. It comes out to be an excellent value. (Otherwise if you have Id vs Vgs plot (Not logarithmic) . . take the x-intercept of max. slope line. Its ur Vth value. 


    For subthresold current, Take into consideration the Id vs Vgs plot (Logarithmic, which is by default in MosFET tool)

    The right extreme value on the plot is Drive current (Ion)
    The left extreme value is Ioff (Subthresold current)

    Hope it helps. 

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