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Ashish anil Bait

how to decide device characteristic while designing a device?


       I, Ashish Bait, studying in electronics final year from VIT, wadala (affiliated to Mumbai University). I am currently doing my project on "FinFET Optimization for 14nm gate length". In the above project our aim is to reduce short channel effects (DIBL, SS, leakage currents) and increase Ion. For the purpose we have done simulation on nanohub as well as on Visual TCAD software and have collected appropriate results.
       My question is on what bases do we decide the characteristic of the device like what should be Ion, Ioff and what is minimum acceptable value for DIBL and SS. Also for high-k we can go to any extend like 400,1000 (which are satisfied by PbTiO3 and BaTiO3 high-k materials) and so. Thus I want to know my minimum and maximum required characteristic. I've tried finding Intel's 14nm device data but couldn't succeed in getting above required information.   
       I am looking forward for your reply. In case if you busy in your work just give me back the acknowledgement mail so that i will at least come to know that you have received and have read my mail.

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