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need clarification


I was trying to use the 1D Heterostructure tool to find band structure of a Si/SiGe on SOI material. Although this tool only has GaAs and AlGaAs as possible materials, I figure if I enter the corresponding properties of Si and SiGe, that should be fine. Could you verify this?

Also I have serval other questions: 1. Is it possible to add another material, ie. to accomodate my oxide layer? 2. Under the Environment tab we are asked to enter the value of Fermi Level. How is that specifed? 3. Under the same tab, we are also asked to enter the Starting Position and Ending Position for the sheet density. What do they mean?

I’d appreciate your clarification.

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    Samarth Agarwal

    -Si & SiGe: In principle entering new material parameters should work, but whether the results make sense will depend on the exact geometry of your device.

    Oxide layer: Incorporating an oxide layer requires the incorporation of boundary conditions in the Poisson calculation. Currently it is not possible.

    Fermi level: Keeping in mind the conventional FET type geometry, the direction we are simulating is the Gate to Substrate direction. We assume that a single fermi-level determined by the doping and bias in the source-drain direction populates the confined states. Since we are not simulating this direction, the device details will tell you what fermi-level to assume.

    Sheet density: Just choose a region in the device where you want to calculate the sheet density.

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