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Akash Anil Laturia

How does the tool compute the transverse effective mass for bulk si bandstructure

How does the tool compute the transverse effective mass for bulk Si?



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    Samik Mukherjee

    Hi ,

            Thank you for your interest in Bandstructure lab and apologies for the late reply.

    Bandstructure lab computes effective masses from the second derivative of the E-k relation. The direction of the derivative is in the direction of transport you wish , at a particular k-point. In this case the the transverse effective mass is calculated at the minima between Gamma and X. 

    The tool gives mt(XMin) = 0.20061 . This is close to the experimentally measured transverse effective mass of 0.19 . Source :

    Note , that the transverse effective is a transport effective mass. If you need to calculate density of states effective mass then please use the one from the link above. 

    Also note that effective mass changes with confinement.






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