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Can we add another material


I was trying to simulate a 2DEG material that consists a InGaAs layer sandwiched between GaAs and AlGaAs. However, the tool only allows two materials – AlGaAs and GaAs. Can we add InGaAs to it?


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    Jean Michel D Sellier


    as you can see 1dhetero has recently been modified. We released the version 2.0.4 very recently. It is now possible to simulate more materials than before and we are planning to add new materials as soon as possible. InGaAs should be added as well.


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    Samarth Agarwal

    By changing the material parameter currently it is possible to simulate any device made up of two different materials. The addition of a third material can certainly be done, and we hope to do it in the near future.

    But the effect of strain needs to be addressed that could change the results.

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