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John David Hobbs

Hi. We're doing a modeling course here. Is this tool available for student use...we are trying to create lammps files from *.cif.? thanks...

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    Tanya Faltens

    nanoHUB tools are available to registered users.  

    If you are teaching a modeling course and would like to talk about features that may make things run more smoothly in your class-- please contact me!  We want your classroom experience using nanoHUB to be positive. 

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    Benjamin P Haley

    Sorry for the delayed response.  I was on vacation.  The tool is now open to all registered users of nanoHUB.  It was previously restricted to a closed group for debugging purposes.  Please note that the tool only supports the Dreiding force field.   The parameters in the data file created by the tool will be Dreiding parameters.  If you find any problems with the tool, please submit a support ticket by clicking "Help" in the upper right of any page of nanoHUB.

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