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MAGE compatibility with OOMMF software

Can we make any kind of structure on this generator?

Also , Is it possible that the generated file has some errors?


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    Jakub Chęciński

    Dear Vinay,

    The generator supports three basic types of structures: cylinders with axis along x,y or z, rectangular cuboids and ellipsoids (in OOMMF, they will correspond to a custom Oxs_ScriptAtlas, Oxs_BoxAtlas and Oxs_EllipsoidAtlas, respectively). You can find them all in the "Atlases" window.

    We performed a lot of tests of our generator to fix any errors, but it is of course possible that some bugs are still yet to be found. If you encountered an error, it would be helpful if you could send me the generated file. Remember also that MAGE allows you to manually edit the generated code using a textbox window, and it is always possible for a manual edit to contain some e.g. typos.



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