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John Tommas

Medici to simulate Gate All Around MOSFET

I need some help on using medici to simulate gate all around or silicon nanowire structure. i have search online and the user guide but they dont seem to have any info on this.Can someone please help as I need to do the simulation urgently, thank you.

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    Benjamin P Haley

    I’ve tried to simulate a GAA silicon nanowire structure in MEDICI before just by having two gate electrodes at the two sides of the nanowire cross section taken length-wise. This is the only way I’ve thought of simulating the structure as MEDICI is a 2D simulator. So the simulation will not take into account the different crystallographic directions or electric field enhancements due to curvature. Nevertheless, you can still use this simulation for comparison between different structures which do not require crystal or electric field properties to be considered. If you do need the circular cross section in MEDICI, I suggest to simulate the structure using TSUPREM4 and import the structure using MEDICI. You can try self-limiting oxidation of a fin structure to get a nanowire. This would be a top-down approach to get the nanowire. Of course, you would get best results with a 3D simulation tool like Sentaurus. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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