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Suliman Al-Risi

mif for fixed current in plane for perpendicular anisotoropy ?

I need mif file for applying current in plane to perpendicular anisotropy nano-wire ferromagnetic material



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    Jakub Chęciński

    Dear Suliman,

    The details of your mif file will depend on the parameters of the system you would like to simulate.

    To create a nano-wire, launch the mif generator and click "New MIF", then Atlases -> Atlas type Cylinder (you need to specify the axis and size in nanometers). Don't forget to specify the name of your atlas because you will need it later for anisotropy.

    To add perpendicular anisotropy to it, go to Internal Energies -> Add Constant Anisotropy -> Anisotropy type Uniaxial, choose your direction and anisotropy value.

    To add constant current in plane, go to Miscellaneous -> Evolver, choose SpinXferEvolve -> Advanced -> choose evolver parameters, including the parameters of your current. In the simplest case, you need only the current density J and the unit polarization vector mp, but you may also want to change for example polarization P.

    You may also want to include other useful blocks like Exchange Interaction, Mesh (should be added by default) and Time Driver and Schedule Output blocks.

    Best regards,


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