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Samik Mukherjee

Please help me with a research proposal

Hi , I am Samik from India. I would like to go for a PhD in Fall 2009. I would like to do Nanoelectronics. I am need of including a reasarch proposal. I have done a BE in electronics and communication engg. With such exposure it is very difficult for me to produce a reasarch proposal. I would like to work on nano devices.Can you tell me about some challenging problems in this domain ? I will go through the material available on Nano-Hub. Is there a good book which covers all intoductory aspects of Nanoelectronics ?

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    Dear Samik,

    Please understand that the domain in which you are going to do research is so vast.

    So, understand the physics behind the semicconductor by going through texts like SEMICONDUCTOR PHYSICS, (author:SZE)and others. Also understand the quantum mechanics behind the carrier transport phenomenon in the nanoscale devices.

    Then, choose a sub area like CNTFET, NanoCMOS, SET, I-MOS, etc and do a literature review in depth.

    Look for the trend of industry through portal of ITRS – Industry Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors.

    Finally, Sum-up all whatever you have gone through. you will end up in a good research proposal.

    Gook Luck.

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    Dear Samik The same is the situation with me. I am a graduate in Electronics and Communication from UET Lahore and Inshallah I shall also be going abroad for my PhD in fall 2009. I suggest that you should first analyze the Nanoelctronics from the physical challanges point of view. Like you may like to see tha Carbon Nanotubes theory. If you find it interesing, you may like to study the behavour of CNTFET’s etc. This is a long process and may not be easy to guide you. One has to self study a lot before being able to write a researh proposal. You can google for books on Nanolectronics. Regards,

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