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Zack Lindenmann Azed

irreducible raman tensors

Hi everyone,


I have carried on a Raman calculation on some wurzite structure and I was able to predict all the physical paramaters ( phonon frequencies, dielctric constant and elop) However, when reasing the output of the Raman tensors, the form of the latter is very much different from the Loudon representation of raman tensors or other sourcethat one can find in the litterature. Can someone help to get this straight?

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    Zachary Bronson

    The class of all conceivable polarization tensors structures a vector space, that decays into commonly symmetrical portrayals of G. One of these portrayals is the 'insignificant' portrayal, invariant under the gathering activity.  Since the follow is cyclic, tr(g(α))=tr(gαg−1)=tr(g−1gα)=tr(α), so the follow activity ventures V⊗V¯ to the minor subrepresentation. Martin M. Mengel, payforessays.

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