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Mohsen Kazemimanesh

DDAconvert tool cannot convert multi-shape obj file from Blender

Hi. I seem to have problem converting a cluster of spheres into dipoles using the converter tool. The geometry consists of 70 spheres (same material) in a fractal aggregate configuration to simulate soot particle. I modelled the geometry in Blender on my desktop computer, exported to .obj, imported the obj file into the Blender embedded in nanoddscat+ tool, and finally used option (5) in Blender to export the obj file for DDAconvert. However, the DDAconvert tool gives me the following error:

ValueError: Invalid literal for int() with base 10: '1/1'

I don't know how to attach the obj file to this post for others to have a look at. However, any help to solve the mentioned error is greatly appreciated.

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