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narasimhulu thoti

Kindly suggest the major parameters to be take care while using Dyn. Non. BTBT


My question related to use of Sentaurus TCAD in designing TFETs:

Various authors wrote several approaches in specifying the Dynamic non local BTBT model parameters (apath, bpath, cpath, mc, mv, etc). But i am worried about providing non local length and permeation in the device physics section. As the manual says it is not predefined. So what would be the accurate values of these two parameters? 

Math (RegionInterface="channel/source")

;;;since sentaurus TCAD uses micro meters range hence above values are like 15nm, and 1nm

Q1: Is above defined values are correct? if not what could be the answer?

Q2: Does it means the minimum non local length of an electron/hole to tunnel? 

Q3: Do i need to vary these two parameters if i scale the channel length?

Q4: Actually will it be compulsory to define for Dynamic nonlocal tunneling model? Since the model says no need to define..? if so i can see the conduction is very poor.



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