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Mohammed-Lamine Ouinten

Can't run Example 6

Dear developer

I tried to run example 6 in a linux cluster without any changes by tapping this command:


But, when initialisation, the simulation stops and I got this message:

Polymatic Simulated Polymerization

Initial bonds:             0
Total bonds:               39
Bonds per cycle:           5
Period of MD type 2:       3

Polymerization Loop
Polymerization initialization
Step 0:
[physix-frontal:23835] mca_base_component_repository_open: unable to open mca_oob_ud: libmca_common_verbs.so.20: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory (ignored)
polym_loop.sh: Minimization did not complete properly.

Can you help me on this please.


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