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Ahmad Ehteshamul Islam

Contribution is not always leading to reward points

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    Alissa Nedossekina

    Dear Ahmad Ehteshamul Islam,

    If your question is whether every contribution on this site can earn you points, the answer is currently no: at the moment you can earn points only in the Questions & Answers forum. But we are working to expand the point system on other areas of the site, so you could start earning points for good-quality reviews and resource contributions of above average ranking. The quality of contributions is largely determined by community vote. This is why you start seeing thumbs up/down voting controls on every text review and every answer. The ultimate goal of the point system is to motivate users to participate in the community discussion and submit quality content.

    If your question implied that points are not rewarded at the time a question/answer contribution is made, this is true. The points for a particular question are distributed only when the person who asked it selects one answer as best. At that moment the question is considered to be closed, and you should see your account updated with your share of points the question has generated. You can also get monthly royalty points for every eligible contribution depending on how many community votes it receives. We have a more detailed knowledge base article explaining the algorithm. This process minimizes the risk of system abuse and aims to reward only good user behavior and meaningful contributions.

    -Alissa, the nanoHUB team

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