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What are the best graduate couses for nanotechnology in US?

Can anyone suggest me links of universities offering graduate courses in nano electronics ?

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    Following universities are good for nanoelectronics, – Purdue – Arizona State – UCSB – UFlorida – UCB There might be more univs specializing in particular research areas like fab etc.

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    Mark Lundstrom

    I might be considered biased, but I will give my answer and encourage others to do so as well. In my humble opinion, Purdue University has the strongest and most original set of graduate courses in this area. Our “Electronics from the Bottom Up” initiative is bringing a whole new perspective to the field of nanoelectronic devices and materials. Google “Electronics from the Bottom Up” and you will find a whole set of online lectures, short courses and full courses at Students tell me that they are even better in person here on campus.

    In addition, we have a variety of other outstanding course in Materials, Chemical, and Mechanical Engineering and in Physics and Chemistry as well. These courses typically attract students from several different departments.

    The Birck Nanotechnology Center ( provides a strong, multidisciplinary environment that encourages students and faculty to cross boundaries of disciplines. The Network for Computational Nanotechnology ( does the same for theory and computation.

    Of course there are strong programs elsewhere, and I hope that other faculty will add their perspectives to mine.

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