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Pankaj Bhooshan Agarwal

AFM imaging of bare silicon surface to measure its rms roughness

Dear Friends,

my question is related to AFM imaging of silicon surface. after doing phase (AC mode) imaging of silicon surface. i found the roughness of bare silicon surface is ~ 50 nm. while it should be ~ 0.5 nm. why phase imaging is showing so large roughness ?

with Regards Pankaj

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    Maohui Chen

    You need check the calibration before anybody can help you on this. If the calibration is good, then check the following things. 1. Did you perform the roughness calculation on the topography (height) image? 2. The roughness (rms) changes with the size of the image. That’ why one has to quote the size when reporting rms value. Sometimes, rms could be biased. 3. Amplitude and phase images do not give true dimension.

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