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John Tommas

effect of doping on metal S/D DG MOSFET

I am simulating a metal source/drain double gate nmosfet (p channel) using medici. Can anyone tell me if my gate is at 4.65ev (around mid gap) while my drain and source is at 4.05eV, why will my Id-Vd curve shows that when doping(channel is p type doping) increases, Id actually decreases? the image is shown in

I am also confused why when the gate is at 4.65eV, source and drain at 5.15ev (valence band edge), i plotting a id-vd using medici and the drain current curve appears to be increasing exponentially unlike the normal id-vd curve where id will first increase then saturates. the image is shown in

thank you everyone for reading, please assist if possible. thank you very much

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