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what does the tool improvement of version 1.1.9 really mean?

1.1.9 – A problem pertaining to the geometry adjustment when a tight-binding calculation is called, has been corrected.

i think a bit more description is really needed. Is the barrier discretization doen properly now? Are the user structures rounded to monolayers as specified by the lattice constant or is the lattice constant adjusted to match the layer thickness commensurability?

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    Samarth Agarwal

    From version 1.1.8 onwards user structures were rounded to monolayers as specified by the lattice constant, whenever a tight-binding calculation was called.

    Version 1.1.9 corrects an error pertaining only to the display of this corrected structure in the dynamic/static text log. The structure was always generated correctly and plotted correctly from ver 1.1.8 onwards. Only the display in the text log was incorrect which ver 1.1.9 displays correctly.

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