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waled hosny hosny

define AlGaAs in PADRE

Hi,I used the defined name for the material:“ALGAAS” which is “aga45” in the region and material definition,but when i simulate I/P file it refused this assignment. how can I define “ALAGAS” material to the PADRE simulator. best regards Waleed Hosny

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    Saumitra Raj Mehrotra

    Hi Please have a look at an example here,

    Define a material called “sige.3” using a previously defined alloy called “sige”; the compositional fraction is 0.3, hence the material is interpolated as Si(0.7)Ge(0.3) (see the ALLOY line documentation). Override the default (interpolated) energy gap, band offset and bulk mobilities and lifetimes.

    ALLOY NAME=sige X1ALLOY=0 M1ALLOY=silicon
    + X2ALLOY=1 M2ALLOY=germanium
    MATERIAL NAME=sige.3 DEF=sige COMP=0.3
    + EG300=0.830 DECDEV=0.087 REFOFF=silicon
    + MUN0=242 MUP0=186 TAUN0=50e-6 TAUP0=50e-6

    thanks Saumitra

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