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Neal Skinner

More Theoretical Models in PhotonicsDB?

From my limited experimentation with the tool, it seems that at present theoretical models are only available for gold and silver. Are there plans to add additional modeling or data fitting to find the Drude or Lorentz model parameters for other materials? Will you be able to fit values of complex refractive index or relative permittivity over a specific, limited range of wavelengths? Great work! Thank you.

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    Alexander V. Kildishev

    Dear Dr. Skinner

    Thank you for your note. Indeed having a narrow-band fitting tool could be of great importance for analytical methods, and broad-band fitting is good for time-domain simulations. We have not planned staging such a tool at nanoHUB, although we are constantly obtaining some best-match models in-house.

    We could certainly consider doing something about it near-term.

    Thank you for your kind comment, Alexander Kildishev

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