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George Pau

fermi level

In determining the electron density, what fermi levels did you use at the source and drain?

Thanks, George

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    Mathieu Luisier

    Hello George,

    the source Fermi level EfS is fixed by computing the bandstructure (Ek) of the source contact and solving

    n=N_{dop}=1/V sum_{k} f(Ek-EfS)

    where N_{dop} is the source doping concentration, V the volume of the nanowire unit cell, k the wave vector along the transport direction, and f the Fermi distribution function.

    Note that EfS could also be arbitrarly set since the electrostatic potential V(x,y,z) is automatically adjusted through Poisson equation to ensure charge neutrality in the source and drain contacts.

    The drain Fermi level is equal to the source Fermi level shifted by the applied drain-to-source voltage.


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    SungGeun Kim

    Thank you for your question. To the extent I know, the Fermi levels on source and drain sides are determined from the doping level.

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