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George Pau

analytical expression for the poisson solve

May I know what is the rational behind the use of the analytical expression given in the answer I asked about the convergence criteria. In particular, is the analytical formula based on the semiclassical approximation? If that is the case, for a 3D problem, shouldn’t the expression be more like Nc*F_{1/2}(E_f)?

Thanks, George

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    SungGeun Kim

    Thanks for the question, George. We will answer your question shortly.


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      Mathieu Luisier

      A semi-classical expression for the carrier density is used in the inner loops of the Poisson equation to improve and accelerate its convergence. In 3D, the approximation you mention (n=NC*F_{1/2)(Ef)) would be better than that proposed in my previous post, but it does not allow to find a simple analytical expression for Ef. That\‘s why it is not used.

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