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How do we pre-set camera angle in 3d visualizer?

How do we pre-set camera angle parameters, namely ‘psi’, ‘theta’, ‘phi’, ‘pan-x’, ‘pan-y’, and ‘zoom’ in a simulation?

And are the pan-x and pan-y parameters working properly? I don’t see any changes whenever the values are altered.


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    George A. Howlett

    You can set the camera position in the “tool.xml” using the camera.position element.

    This works for fields 2D (using the unirect2d mesh) and 3D.

    theta 142.84 phi 339.32 psi 0 pan-x -0 .216 pan-y -0.128 zoom 0.64

    For example in a tcl program:

    $driver put \ “theta 142.84 phi 339.32 psi 0 pan-x -0 .216 pan-y -0.128 zoom 0.64”

    If setting the pan-x and pan-y values doesn’t move the can in the x or y direction, please create a support ticket. I need to know the tool where this fails.

    You can also change the pan the camera by pressing the middle mouse button and dragging the pointer.


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