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scope of nanoelectronics in uk

is it good doin masters in nanoelectronics as international student in univ of manchester…how far this good and i want too know whether is there any jobs available in Uk after masters…One thing i just completed my bachelors in engineering and dont have work exp..i ll b coming to uk this september…help me in this situation…

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    waseem mohammedabdul

    Nanoelectronics offers a broad set of opportunities by focusing on quantum devices and addressing their potential for high performance through increases in density (factors of 5 to 100), speed (factors of 10 to 100), and reduced powerOpting for MS by research is a good option to gain hands on experience about the subject, nanoelectronics has NanoElectroMechanicalSystems(NEMS) and MicroElectroMechnaicalSystems(MEMS), NanoPhotonics, Nanosensors and Nanodevices will ultimately have an enormous impact on our ability to enhance energy conversion, control pollution, produce food, and improve human health and longevity.Many companies are there working on nanotechnology you can apply for internship or can go further for Phd.

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