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Ganesh S

How to go about understanding the physics of nano-devices as an undergraduate student?

I am a 3rd year electrical and electronics engg student. I have to pursue a 4 month project titled ‘Study of Quantum Mechanical effects in Nano devices’. I would like to have a clear idea of what all to study in quantum mechanics theory required for understanding nano devices; assuming that I need to start quantum mechanics from basics. Pls tell me the various topics I need to concentrate. If possible, pls give references of good books and other materials.

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    kapil kumar rajput

    As the device dimensions enters in nanometer range, various second and higher order effects influence the performance of device, which were not considerable before.For example electrical thickness of gate oxide is always less comparison to that we before, if we study quantum mechanically.Another example of QM effect is that, the energy bands nears the inversion oxide interface are widened and Poisson’s equation is now changed. There are also other many effects arise when dimension of device enters in nanometer range. These are all comes under quantum mechanical phenomenon.So study of these phenomenon and effect of these on the performance of device and contribute in the models of MOS is encounter under quantum mechanical effects.

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