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Roy Jensen

Textbook chapter on nanoscience…

Okay — a confession — I am not a nanoscience specialist. I NEED a nanoscience specialist who is interested in educating others about this evolving field.

I am preparing a general chemistry textbook that emphasizes applied chemistry by incorporating applied examples and focused chapters on specific disciplines. Nanoscience is one obvious area of applied chemistry and physics. I am looking for a specialist to write this chapter. These do not need to be faculty, but researchers, graduate students, or senior students with an interest in this area would be ideal.

About the text: Exploring Chemistry is a first-year general chemistry textbook for advanced students and science majors. The text consists of 20 focused chapters plus 11 chapters on the applications of chemistry in specialized fields (food science, forensic science, pharmaceutical science, etc.). A nanoscience chapter would be an excellent fit. Exploring Chemistry is still in draft, with the second draft being developed for Fall 2009. The nanoscience chapter does not need to be completed for this draft, but December 2009 or April 2010 would be nice.

About the chapter: I require 15 – 20 pages of text and images targeted to second-year university science students, in chapter examples and exercises, end of chapter exercises, and a few short (1-3 paragraph) stories highlighting one application of the chapter material. My knowledge of nanoscience is limited and I leave it to educators with a nanoscience specialization to best summarize this rapidly expanding field, but to also entice students to want to know more.

The table of contents and the first chapter of the text are available at

Interested persons can contact me for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks, Dr. Roy Jensen (==========)————————————————————-¤ Chemistry, Grant MacEwan College VP Professional Affairs, MacEwan Faculty Association Room 5-172J, 10700-104 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5J 4S2

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