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Shivam Rastogi

Interested in doing MS in nanobiotechnology but currently doing graduation from electronics n communication

Hello I am a student pursuing my Btech from ece(electronics n communication). I request you to drop some suggestions to let me acknowledge about my future plans(MS). I am deeply interested in Nanobiotechnology, specially forensic science,medicines or sumthng related to human anatomy concepts. I would be happy if I would get some interesting suggestions and advices too.Please do tell me that is it feasible, taking my background into consideration to have such kind of interest that is quite different from eachother i request you to suggest some wayz so that i can corelate my interest wth my current stream. THANK YOU

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    Deepak Ranjan Nayak

    dear shivam, it’s good to know that you have interested in nanobiotechnology. I would say you are totally capable of pursuing your future work in this field, it doesn’t really matter whether you are from ece or some other background. first of all you need to develop interest in a particular aspect of nanotechnology. as you are in this hub you will be aware of the fact that nano covers all the science and technology divisions. so you have to be very specific about what part of the nanoworld fascinates you most. as an ece student my self i was first introduced to nano world in the term of molecular electronics, then nano micro fabrication techniques, nano electronics and charge transportation and at last i’ve landed in surface modification and nano structure growth. since you are interested in bio-field you can go for drug delivery system, nano bots(medical nano robotics),nano medicines. if you are curious about the behavior of molecules you should try for nano motors like ATPase,VPL. there are a lot of opportunities in bio engineering(which is nothing but an inter disciplinary research among the student of different specialization other than bio…oops bio students can join too) for our kind of students since it’s a bridge linking bio and electronics if you don’t have a bio background. you wanna checkout also see some MPI institutes. Purdue it self is great for nano research. I wish i could join purdue next year. so don’t be panic if you don’t have a bio background and FOCUS on whatever you are doing and it doesn’t mean that you should be too narrow in your research area so work wisely so that it would be easy for you to jump to different research areas in your future.



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