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Nilanjan Halder

simulation of a p-i-n device with p and n regions of different doping concentrations…

I am a scientist at IIT-Bombay

I am thinking of a solar cell which is a p-i-n device, with an i region and emitter and base will have different doping concentrations

p ( Be doped AlGaAs) – p+ ( Be+ doped GaAs)- i region – n ( Si doped GaAs ) – n+ ( Si+ doped GaAs)

plz tell me whether the above band structure under a electric field can be simulated or not…. so that we can get informations that how the carriers in the i region is affected by the field.. and optimise the doping and p and n region width accordingly…


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    Benjamin P Haley

    Hi, The closest tool we have is PN Junction Lab, which can be accessed through ABACUS or as a standalone tool. It will let you specify p and n doping levels in a p-i-n device. It will give you an energy band diagram, but not a full band structure. You can apply a bias to the device, but not an external E field. If you would like to request these features in the tool, you can submit a wish to the tool wishlist, at

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