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Victoria Yardley

Error message: “Angle type not specified in TSL data file”

I have been trying to upload a TSL .ang file but get the following error message:

ErrDataFileError: Angle type not specified in TSL data file

I presume that oof2 needs to know whether the Euler angles are in degrees or radians, but the file (just a standard .ang file provided by TSL OIM Analysis) doesn’t include this information. I assumed that .ang files are always in radians. Does anyone know how to pass the information about angle type to oof2? Is there some modification required to the .ang file so that oof2 can parse it?

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    Stephen Langer

    Hi Victoria —

    Can you send me ( the first 20 lines or so of your .ang file so that I can see the format? The OIM readers in OOF2 were written based on a few examples of each file format, but we could never get an official file format specification from the vendors, so it’s possible that we need to make some modifications in the program.

    The example TSL files that I have are .txt files, not .ang files. Is that a different format, or just a different name? Can you create a .txt file instead?

    OOF2 is looking for a line in the file that begins with “# Column 1-3” and includes either the word “radians” or “degrees”. The example I have looks like this:

    # Column 1-3: phi1, PHI, phi2 (orientation of point in radians) — Steve

    PS: Sorry for the slow response… I didn’t even know that OOF2 users could post questions on nanoHUB.

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