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Marolop Simanullang

Changing parameter

Dear all

I notice the simulated device at this site is silicon-based device. I would like to simulate germanium nanowire FET. Could I do it by only changing the parameters which are related to silicon? For instance, if band gap energy of silicon at 300 K is 1.12 eV and I change it to 0.67 eV that is the band gap energy of germanium, would I run the correct simulation for germanium nanowire FET? I am still a layman in semiconductor field and I would really appreciate every constructive answer. Thanks a lot.

Yours sincerely,


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    Saumitra Raj Mehrotra


    You may not be accurate by just changing bandgaps. Effective masses are more relevant parameters in transport.
    I can suggest you using Bandstructure lab for selecting Ge as channel material.

    thanks Saumitra

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