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Tanya Faltens

Freeze Out question in carrier statistics lab

In the carrier Statistics lab, what are the energies for the donor and acceptor levels?

Also, when I look at Freeze out, the numbers I see confuse me. In slide 12 of the First Time User’s Guide, the plateauing of the black line is marked as freeze out. I think that the decrease of the p-concentration (above) is freeze out.

The numbers I read off of the graph when I try to recreate this plot are:

n=1E-9, p=9.71E13, ni=3.03E-5 at 129K.

The very low values seem odd to me.

Can you help?

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    Saumitra Raj Mehrotra


    The donor and acceptor levels are 50meV from respective band edges.
    You are correct about the labeling. It should relate to ionization rate. User guides are being updated currently.This issue would be corrected in that. Can you point out what which value you are referring to. At 129K it seems only 97% dopants are ionized.The number should reduce with low temperature and as well ni.


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    Abhijeet Paul

    Hello Thanks a lot for using the tool . This tool has recently been updated and I will take a look and forward this to the person who upgraded the tool. Regarding the freezeout question let me take a look before I can answer your question properly.

    Regards Abhijeet

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