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cao wei

nanoMOS always reports error

I am sure I followed the instructions strictly as followed: ‘The Matlab version


nanoMOS is written in Matlab a scripting language (, Therefore no compilation are required. 1-Go to /src/matlab 2-Copy all M-files to your working directory or add this directory to your Matlab path 3-Start Matlab 4-Type: nanomos on the command line’ and simulate the input deck file ‘’ provided,in matlab 7.0, nanoMOS version2.5 tell me:

>> nanomos *******************nanoMOS2.0********************** COPYRIGHT, 2000: By Purdue Research Foundation West Lafayette,Indiana 47907. All Rights Reserved. Unless permission is granted, this material not be copied, reproduced or coded for reproduction by any electrical, mechanical or chemical processes, or combinations thereof now known or later developed. *************************************************** Enter filename to be run: Enter name of output directory: t

dump =

Invalid assignment for dg

??? Undefined function or variable “Np_v”.

Error in ==> charge at 97

Error in ==> main at 202


Error in ==> nanomos at 56

nanoMOS3.5 tell me:

>> nanomos ??? Undefined function or variable ‘nanomos’.

what is wrong with nanoMOS or me?

can any kind people help me? I am a beginner.

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    Xufeng Wang

    The latest nanoMOS version is 3.5. It seems to me that you are using either: 1. an order version or 2. using the new version but looking at an old manual. Look at the program folder and see if there’s a file called “nmos_in.m” and “nanomos_main.m”. Try these files. If you need some future assistance, feel free to contact me directly.

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      Hey i had nanomos 2.0 but i couldn't find input deck files for that version. So i downloaded nanomos 3.1. But in this version there is no function (like nanomos in nanomos 2.0) which asks for input deck files and output directory. So am i missing something here or what?..please help me with this issue as soon as possible. Also i think the manual and all docs for both versions 2.0 and 3.1 in doc folder are pretty similar. I would really appreciate if you could provide me with the link to download the latest nanomos tool which has all instructions and files in it given properly.

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