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hussain vasadwala

what are the material properties, fields,equations and boundary conditions needed to solve defomation problem ?

i would like to know which material properties are to be parametrized for studying the effect of tensile/compressive loading on a micro structure also tell which fields, equations and boundary conditions are to be applied for this problem?

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    hello hussain, give material properties like youngs modulus and poissons ratio,take displacement as field,force balance as an equation, apply boundary condition as per ur requirement. solve the problem…. i hope it will help u…

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      Manuel L. Soares Miranda

      Hello CHETAN, but if a person wants to compare the results obtained using the software with the results obtained making a real tensile test, how do you make sure the conditions are equal.

       For example I aplly a 50 KN (N = Newtons) to a steel in a real tensile test, how do I simulate that kind of force in the oof2?


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