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Golam Rabbani

How is the continuous doping density profile implemented in omenwire?


I understand that to mimic the contacts we enforce a high doping density in the source/drain extension regions, and it is easy to do so in a continuum formulation, like the effective mass approximation, where you can put grid points anywhere inside the device (in this case the extension regions) so that you can put your assumed doping density at those points.

But how do you ensure a smooth density profile in the tight binding formalism since the atomic positions are discrete and a certain assumed doping density will require replacements of only a few nanowire material atoms with those of the dopant? Is it that you do not consider the dopants in the tightbinding (i,e, bandstructure) calculation at all, and rather consider a continuous doping profile only when solving the Poisson equation?

Thanks Golam

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    SungGeun Kim


    Doping is not taken into account in bandstructure calculation. However, as you said, it is taken into account in Poisson equation as a continuous doping.

    Thank you

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