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Alisa Neeman

Why do I get this error when I try to run a software tool?

I went to run a tool as an ordinary user. The tool requires a group membership and I just was notified that I am in that group.

But when I ran the tool, Rappture reported the error

agileetee not a member of group ‘submit’ – Attempting to execute: lammps

I’m a bit confused — I thought only tool developers had to be in submit.

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    Nicholas K Kisseberth

    The error message is a little misleading. The end user does not need to be in the submit group. Membership in the tool’s access control group is sufficient. The problem is that it can take 5 minutes to an hour for group membership on the hub to propogate to the tool sessions (and I suspect even longer in some cases). We are working on a long term solution for this problem which will probably get implemented in the next month or so.

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