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Serhiy Malynych

problem launching job

I was trying to simulate the spectra of silver(gold) core/dielectric shell nanoparticles. Unfortunately, the system gave an error message which reads as following. File “/apps/nmie/r8/rappture/”, line 178, in l2_n2=linespace(float(l1_matl2_diel),float(l1_matl2_diel),l_steps)/ref#spline the dielectric Name Error: name ‘l1_matl2_diel’ is not defined

Could you please fix the problem or explain what I possibly did wrong.

Thank you

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2 Responses

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    Bala Krishna Juluri

    The bug is fixed and the new code should not have any problems with regard to metal as core and dielectric as shell.

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    Bala Krishna Juluri

    From the error, it seems one of the material was not defined properly.

    Can you give exactly what parameters did you use, so that I can reproduce this error and fix it.

    Thanks, Bala krishna Juluri

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