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suba rajan b

cntfet simulation possibiltity

Hai, I want to know whether this tool can be used for simulating the CNTFET circuits. For example, can we design a SRAM circuit using CNTFET elements and get the simulation results using this tool. If not, then can you help me? which tool should I use to design a circuit using the CNTFETs

Regards, Suba

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    Benjamin P Haley

    Hi, THanks for your interest. We don’t have any tools which can simulate a circuit with CNTFETs. We have CNTbands (, which calculates band structure and density of states for CNTs. We also have the CNTFET tool (, which calculates I-V curves and DOS. You might look at the Cylindrical CNT MOSFET simulator (, which can generate I-V and C-V curves. We have some general purpose circuit simulators like PADRE ( and SPICE (, but they do not handle CNTs. Other tools of interest could include the CNT interconnect analyzer ( and Graphene Interconnect (

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