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Michael Povolotskyi

I compared a free electron in a 10nm x 10nm x 10nm closed box with an analytical formula and got a very different result

I expect to get 0.011eV for the ground state quantization energy. The tool gives me 0.040eV.

Is it a problem in my interpretation of the results or the tool is wrong?

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    Gerhard Klimeck

    I believe with the release of the new tool version this has been resolved. Please let us know if it has not.

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    SungGeun Kim


    The tool has been updated with NEMO 5 and the ground state energy for quantum dot with a free electron gives us 0.0138 eV which is I think comparable to 0.011 eV.


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    Benjamin P Haley

    Thanks for the info! We will look into this problem. This might be yet another reason to replace the NEMO 3D engine with NEMO 5.

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