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What would be the electron effective mass of InAs in its electron valleys in X,Y,Z directions?

The default values in the Multi gate Nanowire tool for Si effective mass in Valley 1,2,3 in x,y,z directions are 0.19,0.19,0.98; 0.19,0.98,0.19; 0.98,0.19,0.19 respectively. Now if i am going to change my material system to InAs, i just want to know what would be the corrresponding electron effective mass values for it? Your help would be immensly helpful

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    Kurtis Cantley

    From 2 months ago, you probably already have this figured out…In InAs, the Gamma valley is pretty far below the X and L valleys in energy, so typically only the Gamma valley is occupied by electrons even down to thin bodies or nanowires. The Gamma valley is essentially isotropic so the x,y, and z masses are about the same. But to be safe, you can simulate the band structure of InAs using Band Structure Lab on the NanoHUB for bulk, thin film, cylindrical NWs, rectangular NWs, etc., then extract the effective mass using a parabolic fit. For more information, refer to my paper “Performance analysis of III-V Materials in a Double-Gate Nano-MOSFET” (IEDM 2007) and some of the references.

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