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suba rajan b

FETToy :Can I use this tool to design circuits

Hi, If download the tool, can use it for designing and simulating the circuits for eg;counter,SRAM etc using CNTFET. If not, is it easy to edit and make changes for simulating circuits.

Regards, Suba

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    waseem mohammedabdul

    Depending Upon the characteristics of CNT MOSFET,Double gate MOSFET ,Single Gate MOSFET you can predict the usage in various application designs

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      suba rajan b

      Sir, Thanks for your response. If I need to design a circuit for, eg: SRAM. will it be possible to include the transistor(CNTFET) model as a library and invoke it to connect with the other circuit elements?. Similar to what we do with spice transistor models. Regards, Suba

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      SIr, can U Plz tell me how to use fettoy tool

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