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Is there a mistake in the software?

From the basics and references I made sure Extinction is fading of energy and is caused due to absorption and scattering. and their coefficients and also cross sections are related as Extinction= Scattering+absorption Then how can absorption be greater than extinction value and scattering. Absorption should be the least value. Also in the drop down box it is shown that Absorption = Extinction+scattering. So you took it wrong. Also it would be better if you show all the three things in coefficients or cross sections. The software shows Extinction and scattering coefficient plots and absorption cross section.

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    Baudilio Tejerina

    That’s right.

    Although the program calculates the efficiencies correctly, the labels on the axis of the plots were incorrect, as you point out.

    The problem has been fixed.

    Thanks for the report.

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