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Neelanjan Bhattacharya

material change quantum dot lab

Quantum dot lab uses GaAs as material. I want to simulate a different material such as CdSe or CdTe. How do i change material and simulate it ?

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    Gerhard Klimeck

    Quantum dot lab is currently using a single band effective mass model of a freestanding quantum dot – no buffer material etc. The GaAs and InAs parameters correspond to the bulk values. Leaving out strain, band non-parabolicity, and the valence bands altogether are rather dramatic simplifications and move this current tool to the real of concept presentations.

    CdSe and CdTe can be simulated with NEMO3D in a full band model and we are planning to release a more capabile tool on the nanoHUB by the end of the summer.

    If you have mimmediate needs for NEMO3D simulation capabilities please contact me.

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