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Md Saiful Islam

Is it possible to simulate the carbon nanotube FET biosensor? If so, please let me know by which tool and how to proceed

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    Bionsensor response depends on three things: Incubation time, sensitivity, and selectivity. To the zeroth order, the incubation time depends only on the geometry of the sensors, not on the specific material it is made of. Therefore one should be able to use the tools like BiosensorLab to calculate the response time. The issue of sensitivity and selectivity do depend on the material — a silicon FET will respond slightly differently to a strand of DNA compared to a CNT sensor because they have slightly different transport properties (i.e. there is a Shottky barrier for CNTs, but Si FETs can be ohmic) and the pattern of receptors on the sensor surface (which dictates selectivity) could also be different. Even in this case, however, if you calculate results based on tools like BiosensorLab, I suspect that you will still not be too far off.

    Hope it helps.

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