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Alelign Mekonnen

how can i view doping profile

how can i view doping profile.i have already given the doping profile and succesfully created a mesh. HOW CAN I SEE THE DOPING PROFILE.I have tried the CONTOUR and PLOT.2D commands.But it has errors.Piease tell me the correct COMMAND CODE for DOPING VIEW.

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    SungGeun Kim

    plot.3d doping outfile=doping

    Well, this is the commands for doping profile in 3D or 2D if your meshes are 2D. But, you can also use plot.1D if you want to see 1 dimensional doping profile in certain position.

    For example,

    PLOT.1D DOPING LOG A.X=0.045 B.X=0.045 A.Y=0 B.Y=0.036
    + Z.pos=1.0

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