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Richard Geiger

load previously run simulation

Hi PhotonicsTK users,

I want to use this tool to get the far-field pattern of my simulations, but I can´t open my files. I created a folder “PhotonicsTKSessions“ in the Home-Folder where I put my files into but if I ask the program to open a previously run simulation it doesn´t give me any options.

Thank you in advance for showing me where my mistake is… Richard

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    Alexander S McLeod

    Hello Richard,

    One point that should be mentioned is that your saved sessions will not become available until your simulation is complete. At that point, close your PhotonicsTK tool session and begin a new one with to re-populate the available sessions to load. Then, choose the “load and post process” option, and your previous session should be available. In addition, you should see the session file sitting in your home directory in the PhotonicsTKSessions folder. Note that PhotonicsTK only accepts its own custom-generated XML session files for loading, so they have to be sessions previously started with the tool.

    Let me know if this doesn’t fix your problem! Cheers, Alex

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