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Tillmann Christoph Kubis

Tool is not usable right now!

Hello, When I use any default setting of the tool -except of the bulk case – then I do not get any results. After clicking on “Simulate” I get the “Results”: “Input Decks”, “Backend BSLAB(OMEN) code run log”, “Log of timestamps”, “Tool Run Log” and “Download” which apparently gives me just a downloadable version of the input deck. There are no results (e.g. numbers, graphs,…) shown at all.

Summary: Right now I cannot use this tool!

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    Denis Areshkin

    Tillmann, I have overseen your question. This has been fixed: I switched the default execution venue for BSLab to steele.


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    Abhijeet Paul

    Hello his problem has been taken care by one of the co-developers of the code. The code now runs on Steele and Coates and provides these results.


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