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Huali Chen

fermi level and charge neutrality

In the simulation, what value you gave to the Fermi level within the whole system? and within the substrate, as the electron concentration becomes very high, does the charge neutrality hold under the simulation domain? If it holds, how? If not, why? Thanks.

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    Andres Godoy

    Dear Huali Chen

    Sorry for big delay. The variable you calculate is the distance from the energy levels to the Fermi level. The Schr. equation is solved 3 times, one per valley with different meff. The program does not calculate the Fermi level per se. You know the position of the Fermi level in the metal gate respect to the Femi level inside the semiconductor, the difference is the applied gate voltage. The electrons inside the semiconductor must be compensated by the same positive charge in the gate, but there we apply boundary conditions. I hope it helps you Regards Andres Godoy

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