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Alelign Mekonnen

gaussian doping

could you tell me the command code for a gaussian doping concentration of n-channel MOSFET FOR THE SOURCE,DRAIN AND CHANNEL REGIONS WITH PEAK CONCENTRATIONS AT THE si-sio2 interface.

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    Himadri Pal

    Hello Alelign, For a bulk n-MOSFET, you can use a constant doping for the channel. Then for the source, use Ns = Npeak*exp(-y2/(ay2) where y is the gate to substrate dimension. Use Ns = Npeak*exp(-y2/(ay2)*exp(-x2/(ax2) at the source-channel junction, where x is the source to drain dimension. You can adjust ax and ay to adjust the steepness of the doping gradation. Use a similar procedure for the drain too. Ns = Npeak*exp(-(y-ypeak)2/(ay2)*exp(-(x-xpeak)2/(ax2) may be used to define HALO dopings too.

    Himadri Pal

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