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Gerhard Klimeck

please plot a sweep of Vgs

I am ramping the gate-source voltage, but only one plot appears a plot as a function of Vds. Can a new plot be added, please? In fact the citation below does exactly perform this. But they must have exported the data and plotted externally. This tool should do this directly.

Essawi, A.A.; Fahmy, H.A.H.; Rafat, N.H. (2007), “Characterization of a coaxial mid-gap SB CNTFET inverter,” Microprocessors and Nanotechnology, 2007 Digest of Papers: pg. 102-103, 11.

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    Shuaib Salamat

    i also tried to do this, but could not figure out. i also guess that in the referred paper, they had done it externally.

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